How do I learn to draw realistically? – How To Draw A Sport Car Easy

If you are not a professional artist (such as myself) you can start by reading some of these tutorials. These tutorials are not intended to teach you how to draw realistically. You can start learning how to draw realistically at home. You should read my lesson on drawing people and get comfortable drawing things of your own design.

When learning to draw, I suggest starting out by drawing a realistic portrait or cartoon character. This will help you understand how to draw realistic body proportions and face shapes. You can continue reading below for a tutorial on drawing realistic people.

I hope that this tutorial demonstrates that realistic facial expressions are important. You should be able to draw realistic looking people without any help and you can learn the basics of drawing at home!

What should I do if someone looks at me funny, rude or makes inappropriate comments? You can use the same technique you drew at the top of this tutorial to create realistic looking characters just like the characters in other tutorials you are going to view.

What if I want to do a cartoon character myself? In addition to creating realistic looking cartoon characters, you can also begin drawing realistic looking men and women.
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Drawing People and Realistic Characters

The first thing we have to remember when drawing people or realistic characters is that they are real as anyone else. To get started I suggest you start off by just sketching a real person. Start with the person at the top of the page and sketching is as easy as making sure the person is not looking down or over you.

As this is a basic sketch, do not rush it. Start small. You can just look around your room while you are painting.

At this point you can stop and enjoy the painting style. Remember your main goal at this point is to create a realistic-looking image for a fictional character! As long as you have an idea of what you want to use, and you know how to paint, you can move on to better sketching.

If you are still not satisfied with the drawing of the person you are studying, it is time to start getting creative a bit and try something else. It is easy to start drawing people on the spot and then just stop. It is better to create something realistic first just to see how you feel. Just keep on experimenting, painting, drawing, making sketches and you’ll get much closer to your goal!

You can either start drawing from the top of your head or from above head. That does not have to be

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