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The black cat was drawn by Terence Rabinowitz on a canvas called The Lost Cat.

If you’d like to read some more, check out the rest of Terence’s website here.

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An artist’s illustration of a black hole with strong gravitational lensing: The black hole has a central, supermassive body at its heart known as a “massive black hole.”

The black hole in our Milky Way Galaxy would be huge, about as big as the sun or as big as the planets in our solar system. If it was an ordinary galaxy, its gravitational effects wouldn’t be that strong, causing it to have a gravity very similar to a normal point.

But according to new calculations, a black hole at the center of a nearby galaxy could be nearly 100 times as large as our sun and weigh in at more than 4 billion trillion metric tons – nearly half the mass of our galaxy and nearly 10 times as much as the largest black holes seen in the Universe.

To better understand this monstrous black hole, astronomers turned to a strange and exotic type of astronomical phenomenon called gravitational lensing. When two or more objects such as galaxies and black holes interact with gravity, they create an image that appears smaller in size, and then grows bigger – and larger. This means that gravity can warp images of the objects behind it, resulting in what appear to be very tiny areas of very large objects – the gravitational lens. These tiny areas of immense mass can also distort the image of nearby galaxy, creating a strange picture of a distant galaxy as a tiny, little speck in the backdrop of a far more massive, gargantuan galaxy (Image credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA))

When the lensing occurs at the black hole, the gravity is so strong that it bends light. (The lensing is not the same thing as a black hole itself, though.) The image is distorted as a giant wave propagates out from the black hole. But the light from the distant lensing galaxy is distorted by the light, giving the image its odd, tiny “hole” effect.

Astronomers also took advantage of gravitational lensing to determine why our Galaxy – and perhaps our entire Universe – is

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