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We all know black cats are a good thing to have around. But this one looks a little off, like it’s not quite got all of those white stripes, or at least not quite got as much of them as in the middle.

The picture above comes from Twitter user @kristi_schult and was captioned with: “Cat on a fence, standing, holding paws, a light green scarf on black fur.”

We know cats are a cute thing, and that the cat on the left here is black, though it looks like it just might have white on the legs, too. And the picture above, is not what many of us think of as a black cat, but it does share certain traits with other popular African cats like the kitty, the tiger, and the lion. But the one here is different. Just look at this picture.

The cat is named, and has its very own Twitter account, called #theblackcat.

The cat is named, and has its very own Twitter account, called #theblackcat — krista schult (@kristi_schult) — krista schult (@kristi_schult) July 25, 2017

#TheBlackCat has its own Facebook page which is full of beautiful pictures of cats and cats in general.

The hashtag, however, is not as well known as the famous #blackcats hashtag. I’m betting that the name ‘@theblackcat’ is something that’s not commonly heard. But it is a name that was originally coined by the author/activist, author @kristi_schult, in an Instagram post in 2013.

I remember the moment. We were talking about animal issues and the importance of having a proper understanding of species diversity. I was just starting out in media in 2013, trying to figure out ways to connect with bloggers on the issues surrounding animal abuse. To this, she said, “You know that Black Cat thing I was talking about? That’s a Black Cat.” and I was all, “What?” I went through a lot of history of cat pictures.

A few months later she said in another Instagram post, “I got asked ‘What is a black cat?’ many years ago (and I still have no idea). ‘Who knows?’ My reply: ‘I don’t. You do.'”

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