How do you draw a bunny? – How To Draw Cars 3 Cam Spinner Thunderstorm On The Voice

I mean…you don’t know. You see where a bunny’s ears are?”

“Uh, a lot of times people do it that way.”

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“You just…you just have this instinct of drawing a bunny that, when you look in the mirror, just feels like…like it’s not real.”

“Yeah, a lot of times when I would try to draw a bunny I’d get all over them, and then when I put them back on I’d…that’s kinda all it is, it’s my instinct. Yeah I know a lot of people have trouble with it, but you know, I really love drawing them.”

“Me too.”

“I’m pretty sure about that.”

“So why are you so interested in drawing a bunny?”

“Well, since it was something I could draw, I always kind of had this little passion about it.”

“That must be a big secret, huh?”

“Yeah, a long time ago when I got a bunnies and had to find a home for them, I had a bunny-caretaker and all. She was really nice to me and gave me all my bunny supplies to work with, but she just kind of got sick of me drawing them all the time, so she put them in a box.”

“A box that…you mean she put them in there herself.”

“Yeah, she did. She used to make their cage, and she had a huge box all hers for me to draw in. She said that was the only place I could draw, because in the wild she could probably just leave them alone all day and that the only people she wanted to see drew them. So she said if only I would make a box to put their cage in, people would just leave those critters alone.”

A bunny’s enclosure?


“And you did?”


A bunny’s box…I didn’t realize they needed one…

“They all came out one by one, so I guess…I kinda thought she was the only one.”

“Yeah, you kind of fell out of the loop, didn’t you?”

“No, I just…she was just a lot more of an artist than I am. I just used to draw the stuff that was out, you know, the things that wouldn’t fit.”

“So she

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