How do you draw a bunny? – How To Draw Race Cars Step By Step

It’s not a specific skill, it’s a specific style of art. To do animation, you have to find a style of animation that is your own. The type of animating that I do is different than anything else out there, so that’s why it’s a style I call Bunny Drawing; it’s a style I like and it’s an art form that I’ve been doing since like, 1980.

A while back, I went to the Animation Academy in Japan which is some 20 miles from here and I was able to do everything I learned there. I’ve done a lot of animations here over the years like for the Disney Channel and for the Disney Channel, and I’ve done some stuff like for the Disney Channel, the Disney Channel TV show, The Muppets. The Muppet Show is one of my favorites of all time.

So, I mean, I get a little bit of a bad rap here in California—but I think there’s a lot of people who would benefit from getting to know me because a lot of animators go to the Animation Academy and it’s an amazing, amazing training program but in actuality if you go to this thing, you’ve gotta learn how to draw a bunny. It’s not like your first job on set of that Muppet Show and even if you’re like, “I love cartooning! But there’s gonna be a big bunny, right?” there’s no time for that because you’ve gotta do all the other stuff, you know what I mean? You’ve gotta keep everyone in line.

One of those things I did at the Animation Academy was the first-ever character sketch book. My son was five, and after I gave him the book, like, let’s not put any pictures of my wife and my daughter in the book. That’s what I told him to do. So, when he did that at the age of five, he had the whole page and he drew all the characters. One thing that I’m good at is I get bored real quick. I don’t want to draw the first day because it’s so slow and I’m so exhausted from doing the other stuff.

So, if I have to do something I don’t like, I try to put myself in some sort of frame of mind to not get out of the chair and to just draw it so that I didn’t get out. The thing is, I’m really, really good at doing it in the morning when I know I

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