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And when do they stop? Is it really possible to make this stuff up as you go along?” As for those of us who work on the web, we are doing our best to help, and that means not just answering requests for info, but also getting the word to other developers. “A really good example is when I wrote an update to my application that was an old one to the site that was a good way to help someone who is new to Rails, because there are lots of resources we have,” he says. “I was trying to use an old version of Rails, and it took a while to figure out what I was doing,” but he was able to get some of those people to look at what he was doing.

The bottom line is that developers have to spend more time developing tools that will help their team. If we want to keep doing this kind of work, it’s more important that we build in the right tools and tools of our choosing, than the lack thereof.

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BALTIMORE HILLS, Md. — The Golden State Warriors were the ones who made the most progress on the free-throw line by allowing 10 consecutive misses by Stephen Curry and the Chicago Bulls.

And now that the Warriors’ offense has clicked, that work is paying off.

Curry had eight of his 11 free throws in the fourth quarter, and the Warriors led by as many as 17 points in beating the Chicago Bulls 97-92 on Wednesday night before 6,938 fans. It was a dramatic turnaround for a team that had lost three straight in the series after blowing a 17-point lead against Golden State in San Francisco on Thursday.

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“It’s going to be even better next year when we get this team the most help,” Curry said. “Our defense can help us make a lot of plays when it comes to free throws. We’ve got to be better.”

Golden State had held

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