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By drawing on a piece of paper, I guess. I didn’t see it before, but maybe it was a little bit different, but I guess the one I did was based on a bus. That’s all you need, you just give in: it’s about using different forms to make one. That’s what I did.”

This was a particularly clever example of the artist’s way of communicating what he wanted to say. When you listen to his stories, you quickly come to understand that although he is fascinated by the everyday, there’s something more: he is also aware that something is out there that could be dangerous. As he says in the interview: “I don’t draw a lot of war, there are just too many pictures.” But the “war” he refers to is not the reality he depicts. The “war” to which he points is a kind of “surreal” landscape, one which is always present but is often overlooked in our everyday activities. This is the idea behind his work, he argues, “to make our daily reality real through painting”.
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Here are some other gems from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s interview. There’s certainly a lot more to learn from this guy’s insights and insights.

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It seems like nothing’s changing between these two teams. Both play an uptempo style of offense that relies on the run and are the epitome of a team that goes toe-to-toe with the top of the Western Conference. The question now is, will the Raptors get one over the Cavs?

The Cavs have the benefit of an all-star bench that is capable of shutting down their team’s scoring attack. When playing a two-man rotation, the Cavs don’t rely on LeBron James, Kevin Love, or Kyrie Irving because they have someone who will defend well and has a ton of scoring ability. The Cavs have Derrick Rose and Tyronn Lue who can protect the rim. They also have Chris Paul who’s a lockdown big man who can make a few great shots. They also have a good backcourt in J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving.

But, the Raptors have their own backcourt of Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan, James Johnson, Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. The Raptors can’t be as explosive offensively as Cleveland as Lowry, DeRoz

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