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You have the speed for it and it has to have an edge. The car has to be as beautiful as you want and as fast. The design and materials can take on a life of their own, as long as you have that edge. The book has to be as attractive as it is practical.
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When you want the car to stand out, you have a lot to work with. You take into account the speed of the car at different stages in its production, then the look and feel it will have for a client, then an idea of what your customers like most as well as whether you think the design will work well for a number of different product formats.

Some of these decisions will be influenced by the typeface you are using and how big its font is. A typeface can have many subtle cues that might affect its legibility, whether to do as much page-turn as possible or in a way that makes everything look more detailed.

The final look and feel also has to be something that people like. It has to work to attract customers and provide them with the product they need, even if they will never ever use it. How does that feel like?

Sometimes it’s a bit like putting yourself on the same level as someone you respect. You are trying to achieve a level of perfection for your design. You will be doing the same thing for someone and you have to be able to work out exactly what you are thinking, especially as you get to the final stages.

This is why some people do a good deal of research before buying a font. For example, if you are choosing a typeface, think about whether it will work best for advertising, logos, posters, books, magazines or web banners. The information you will need will be different for different industries, so this research might be important.

When all this is done, you will have a font that has the look and touch you are looking for — but you have to have the right typefaces to pull it off. The typefaces that you choose have to show up as good as the design you have created. The fonts that you choose are also not just limited to typefaces that are popular, but may actually need a lot of thought as to their legibility and appearance at a particular scale, if you are doing something at the same scale as a newspaper or magazine, or an online store for example.

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