How do you draw a car fast and easy book? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Cartoon Drawing

Well, at first, just get your sketchbook out and start trying to draw this and that. But then you think, “Well, you do need a pencil right behind you – you have to be able to get it there!” And you need a little bit of practice in that respect but you certainly can’t keep it to the same level too much. You just can’t. But once you do it once or twice, you start to get an idea as to how to do it faster.

What are you looking forward to reading/watching in this series after the next book?

There’s about thirty chapters in the story so I’m looking forward to seeing where all of these characters lead. So that’s a little fun really.

Anything you’d like people to know about you before they read it?

That I am not a writer.

What can the average Star Wars fan expect from you?

That I will always try to make them as engrossed in Star Wars as possible.

If you could change anything about your appearance/actors, what would it be and why?

I would love to look a little more like Boba Fett – and I would love to read my way through all of the original trilogy now that he’s out of that movie so I can tell more of his adventures.

How do you like your hair?

I’m not too fond of my hair but I’m not too fond of mine either. I use a small amount of products that makes my hair look more like that of Boba Fett. But I’m not too fond of it either.
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You’re writing Star Wars: The Last Jedi. What were your impressions of what director Rian Johnson had accomplished on Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

I was surprised that Rian Johnson had put all of that effort into putting that movie together. That was a very, very intense project. At one point, the director told me that the only thing in the world that I could tell he was not happy with was the performance of Daisy Ridley. He had told Rian to take her off the main character’s shoulders and let her focus on what was her focus in the movie, which was going to be the Force. And when she got that character back on her feet, the performance really blew my mind. She was playing a character whose emotions were so rich and so real. I was blown away. I mean, it’s an A-

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