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Do you have something built specifically to do it? And to me, that’s what’s really interesting.”

The most famous car of the era, according to Miller, was the Corvette — “It’s always been my favorite car. I saw the first ones in ’72 when everyone else was still playing around with something. I got a little more curious about them” — then came the Camaro, which was “awesome and the only car that didn’t have a V8 engine.”

It was “pretty cool to see all these people who wanted to go all the way to the top and drive something they didn’t know how to drive,” Miller said.

Miller, now a contributing writer at, is the only one in the family. He recalls sitting on the lawn of his parents’ home listening to them discuss the sports cars.

“We were just like, ‘This is too much!'” he said.

Even so, all his parents wanted him to drive them, he said.

“They’ve always wanted me to race cars; never got around to it,” he said.

He got his first taste of pro racing while attending high school at the University of Pittsburgh. He saw a car race at the campus where he’d work at the day job.

Miller started thinking about a career in rallying. “I had a pretty good idea about rally cars. I knew a lot about the world of racing and driving in them,” he said.

Miller, who drove a Chevy, later moved to the Midwest. “I started driving my dad’s Camaro and had great success, and that’s how I got started,” he said.

Miller’s parents bought his license and drove him to a meetup at a local radio station. He was introduced to his sister, who was in charge of the cars. “I’d never seen any of this stuff before,” he said.

His parents gave him money to buy and pay for the cars. He began his first rally, in 1979, with a Chevy pickup truck. Miller has since raced all four generations of Camaro, with the best years being his 1999-2000 campaign when he won the NHRA National Championship.

“I won a lot of stuff, but not with that little car,” he said. “It’s been one of the coolest rides I’ve owned — a real passion.”

In 1999 Miller bought a 2006 Camaro SS, which he raced to the NH

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