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(This is a tough question for us, not because we’re bad at drawing cars but because it’s such a difficult thing to capture. It’s all about balance: if you’re too far in and too far out your car won’t look good and vice-versa.)

It’s a similar situation with cars. How do you convey the weight of a car?

The idea of making something look heavy is pretty obvious, but making something look soft is a bit less obvious.

Do you know when something is too heavy or too soft?

You’d be shocked how hard it can be to tell what a car is. We like the idea though of making everything feel like it is in balance. That’s kind of what we like about cars, right?

But sometimes you go too far in and it just looks like the car is in a weird way. For example, the car’s sides are too wide, the window’s too small, and it looks like the roof doesn’t actually go anywhere.

The trick is to get the two sides and the back to line up. Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice a couple of lines, or at least a curve, when doing a balancing task. At least if you don’t do this too often, it won’t matter too much; the rest of the car will follow suit and your balance will be fine.

For more on balancing, check out our article on how to get your car balanced.

It’s really quite simple, but it’s not always easy to understand. You have to know where to draw the road, where the tires should be, and where to put the trunk.
Car Design

If the trunk goes out the trunk will go out too. But it should stay in until it’s absolutely necessary. Also, that’s really not a problem because, if you draw the trunk, it’s pretty much a fixed area and if it’s too much you can draw the tree branch over and draw a flat trunk on top.

You can just draw the trunk in and have the trunk completely fill up, or you can add more branches or move the trunk to a different area: if the trunk is too big, you could change the scale and/or make it larger or smaller: the only rule is that a trunk won’t stay in a certain place. A more subtle, more interesting, or subtle trunk can help you balance some car designs.

We’ll cover more details about lines you’ll need for building car

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