How do you draw a car sketch? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Braids For Medium

What tools are you using? And how do you know you’ve done your best?

You may be asking the first three questions above (and for some artists, more!—especially those who have tried to tackle a variety of different types of drawing on a regular basis). Others may be wondering what are the tools you are using? If your art is comprised largely of watercolor and sketching, the tools you’ve chosen to use may be different.

Here are some of the “best” paintbrushes for drawing a plane car.

1. Hairy Brush

If you’re drawing on paper, you probably already know this brush is made for carving. Whether it’s pencil or watercolor, the hairs on a hairy brush give a more accurate shape and shading than the finer hairs of paintbrushes (which often require finer strokes).

2. Watercolor Brush

If you’re using watercolor, it’s likely you’ve already tried the brush out. While not every artist will use watercolor as a drawing medium, many do. The watercolor brush is a great choice for beginners. Since the teeth are small (like the small end of a pencil), you can easily get the finer strokes you need without breaking hairs off the surface.

3. Muddler

Another watercolor brush, an angled, soft, and flat brush, it’s made for tracing outlines. With a softer, less sharp point on its tip, this brush is great for drawing straight lines and abstracted shapes. Muddlers are great when you need a smooth, even surface for the sketch without going all in with a thicker brush as many watercolorers do.

4. Watercolor Eraser

The watercolor eraser is made for tracing lines. It is softer, so you can get thinner strokes, and the eraser also has a sharp point so you can create small details like ridges and scratches on a surface. However, it’s not as sharp as the hairy brush at the top of the list.

5. Watercolor Brush + Soft Brush

The soft brush on your sketchbook can draw lines and curves. While it’s not as sharp as some other brushes, the soft brush can be used for finer details without losing detail. It’s great for a variety of types of drawing—sculpting, carving, landscape design, and even for portrait work when you need more subtle shading.

6. Eraser + Watercolor Brush

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