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There have a couple of different methods that are considered to be “proper”. One is called cow drawing, which involves using two straight lines and then creating a shape from those lines. I always loved it because it gave me that sense of accomplishment that I had been wanting for 20 years in drawing the cow and that feeling of completion.

But then there was my friends’ method and it was actually a lot harder to draw cows.

You’ve described it by saying it involves “drawing the shapes on the cow’s back”. What does this mean?

What I mean by that is that you use the cow to draw the shape of its back. It doesn’t really matter where that shape is; it could be on the back of its head, its neck or its tail, just that its back shape is being drawn. The other thing to remember is that you don’t actually have to write out a cow’s back. You just have to draw the shape of the cow’s back and how the shape will affect the animal. So, sometimes we’ll do this using a stick or a pen. I’m using pens today as I speak so that’s also the best method I have that I can talk about; it’s a lot easier to draw cows because you don’t have to remember to write them. It’s just a matter of drawing the shape of the cow while also looking at how the cow will be affected by the shape of the shape on the back.

And your method seems even a bit easier than the one by which you drew a cow.

Yes but in those days drawing was done in black ink. Nowadays, when I draw a cow I have to use acrylics which are easier to write and a lot more permanent, which makes the process more precise.

And what makes a cow a better model than a horse or a snake?

Well a horse is the most difficult animal to draw because it’s the most difficult to capture in drawing. Horses are very difficult to have in your studio. You have to capture it in all its glory so that we can create something special.

You also drew a horse at a young age.

Yes, I did and I still do. It’s quite a famous old drawing. It was just a bit of fun for me the way I drew the horse in a big group, and that kind of thing.

Is there an animal you’d like to draw in the future?

That’s quite a

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