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First of all, don’t draw them without a cow, which can also be done, but you would draw a cow by making a “pant,” with his feet pointing toward the ground. You can also draw a cow with a foot pointing downward.

There is another, simpler type of cow that you can draw without a foot. Just draw the whole head of the cow without a calf, or maybe the calf at the tip (see drawing the hand on the cow.)

Don’t draw just an arm, either! It’s a lot easier to draw a leg than a head.

For example, if my dog is on an ice rink, don’t draw a leg.

Another problem with drawing a cow without a calf, or any cow that you can’t see, is that you’ll draw it too small and the cow will look like a large foot. Here is a little experiment: Draw a cow with all the feet pointing forward, plus an ankle pointing forward too, and keep the hands facing each other.

You’ll still have a leg, but you will be the cow. The way I like to draw the calves is to look at the top of the feet and draw a line across the top of the calf. (You can also draw the heel of the foot.)

Then to finish up, move the toes around or slightly up and down to the point where the line starts to cross over. This will add a little more detail.
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A tip: Keep working with the lines until you’re quite close to the center line and then draw a cross over it. I draw the cross twice.

Some cows have three toes on each foot. Use all four toe areas.

Draw cow with a heel

Draw a cow without a foot, with just one heel, to draw cow without any foot.

Here’s the basic cow I always use:

Drawing an eye, without any head

Draw an eye and then draw the “mouth.” This is a fairly simple method. Just put your thumb on the top of the eye and push it down, making a little “hunchback” shape which is very effective. Some cows have two eyes, so move your thumb up above the eye, over it, and draw “one” eye in the “mouth.”

Here’s another one:

If you’re using just an eye, just point and turn your thumb down.

Draw a full body

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