How do you draw a cow? – How To Draw Cars Easy

Can you?” The first question was answered with the traditional, awkward “no,” indicating no one even knows how to draw a cow. The second question was about the animal herself — a “cow, like the others,” she explained, and “can’t be made of anything, she can only be the stuff that the other cows are made of.”

The cow could be any cow, you see — and, according to the cow, “the earth is the same everywhere.” So the question remains the same. But the cow is making a point that it is not a cow at all, and thus in the eyes of the cow, it is the same as any other animal. What does it mean when you hear “the earth is the same everywhere” and, as the cow observes, “I don’t know where I should begin, but I’m in this world, the same everywhere?”

The next part is a more serious attempt to “describe” the situation. The cow states, and so does the other cows, “It’s just like the same place and no farther away from me.” This “same place” is the cosmos, a word that appears a few short lines later. But the cow is not referring to the universe as a whole, but rather to that single place. She is, in her very nature a consciousness. She is just as sensitive to the details of the individual, individual experience of every individual as any other sentient being is. She senses and feels “the same place and the same distance,” and as she knows how the details differ from one to another, she can say that this is like the difference between the sky and the earth.

This is not a description of experience at all, but rather a suggestion that it is better to be a little off from “one’s home” and aware of the differences — and so of course the cows can perceive and share this same “different” universe with us. It is, however, still a reflection on the “same” experience, that is, a reflection on the world in general. The earth is just another name for it all, “one place” for every other planet.

The description of cows has the effect — perhaps an unwanted effect — of giving us a closer visual perception of “one’s home” — or more properly a “home.” It doesn’t actually describe any particular place, just the one place that is the home of all sentient beings. The experience of the cows, of course, is not unique to

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