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Or an owl in real life?

Do you love the cartoon character Batman? Do you have an interest in superheroes? The superheroes are probably something you love, but do you know which superheroes are real?

In this post, I will try to identify real superheroes by analysing their appearance and traits.

Real Superheroes: An analysis of real superheroes

If you are wondering where to start searching for real superheroes and superheroes, then this post might look very similar to your usual questions.

I’ll start by analysing a few characteristics of known superheroes such as:

Powers and abilities Superhero abilities Real superheroes’ powers Superhero abilities of known real superheroes Powers and abilities of real superheroes

The first of the features that you can find for the superhero is the power of the superhero. We are going to do a very simple search and focus on just one attribute of one superhero, which might be:


Strength is a major factor for power in superheroes, as it’s easy to imagine which superheroes that can lift and throw things, as the following graph illustrates.

Here it is a chart from the website of the US Department of Defense (from the US Department of Energy website). The data is a table of average and maximal human strength of different physical measurements.

Strength has a huge impact on the character development of superheroes, because this factor influences which skills they learn to use in the future and how they develop. Here are a few illustrations:

The above article was written a few weeks ago, and many other articles and comics about super heroes and superhero powers are available now.

As a first approximation, let’s say that for all real superheroes, the following characteristics can be used to compare their strength and abilities:

Average human strength

Maximal human strength

Average number of strength reps per day

Average body mass

Average height

For the sake of brevity here, we will not analyse their physical characteristics such as height, weight and body mass, as the information would be too complicated to analyze in one post.

The next feature that is more or less independent on the strength of the superhero is the number of strength reps per day.

Strength for the real superheroes

The following illustration shows the average strength of a hero of which there is a large amount of information known in the comics. The characters are shown in the following image.

As you can see from the graph, there are around 2

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