How do you draw a easy car for beginners? – Car Drawing Video

We had one car in our workshop at the house when we became parents. We decided to try to do an easy car for our daughter. Our daughter is now 10. But I think that you must have the basics of drawing in different areas and try to bring something in this direction.

How would you describe a beginner car?

A person must have a basic knowledge of drawing when he starts building a car, even if he is not used to drawing in a straight edge.

How do you find the simplest drawing?

The easiest drawing is one you are trying to draw out of curiosity; it can also be found anywhere in the world.

What can you do to be more successful in your work as a pro?

Use your creativity. When you go against the flow, sometimes you have to push through. The only way is to ask why: that’s what I’d like you to do. Don’t give up.
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What advice would you give?

Don’t be afraid of a challenge. You must have a plan and work toward it. Work hard. If you have a good plan and an intention, you’ll accomplish the task.

Where does your confidence come from?

From my experience, it comes out of my mother. She is the toughest. I’m born that way. I was born that way, too, but I am not alone in that. My father was a car mechanic and I grew up looking up to him.

How come you were not a mechanic when you were your age?

My family is not very car-oriented. I have a lot of respect for people who are car people. We have a very simple lifestyle in the family. I was very interested in cars and mechanics; my mother thought only of cars.

How do you know how to draw a car?

I read books and looked at cars in magazines. When you have a book at home, reading makes you remember something, so it gives you an idea about how to express yourself. It helps you to develop an artistic way.

How has your art evolved over the years?

I think it started with my brother, because he was a car mechanic all his life. He was always drawing, but he was very interested in cars. He had a lot of fun drawing the car on paper. When I was born, he started teaching me how to draw. He taught me how do you use a drawing tool such as

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