How do you draw a easy car for beginners? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Pictures On How To Make Roti Bread

It’s simple!

The first step is just to start on the back of the handlebar like the picture below:
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From there, you need to start on the front of the handlebar as you see in the picture below:

You’ll find that you can draw a line from the center of the handlebar to the rear of the bar:

When drawing your seat, your goal is to draw from the “V” of the seat to the “C” of the handlebar, which is also like the center line. This is how the seat should go on your mountain bike. There is also a line going right down to the bars:

Draw a line from the seat/bar to the center of the seat. I think that this line should be drawn with a straight line, but if you find that your lines are very different you’re fine.

Keep drawing straight lines until you’ve drawn all of the lines for the entire seat. Then you can cut them out in whatever size or shape you want. Your final seat should look something like this:

Now that you’ve finished the seat and handlebars, you can proceed to the frame of the bike. It should be easy to draw a straight line from the stem out to the rear of the seat:

The line that you started from should be drawn with any angle you like between the handlebars and stem. I did have some fun with this one by using the spokes of my fork. A line should be straight between the handlebars and stem and between the stem and the seatpost:

Now you should be finished drawing your new bike frame:

At this point, the end of the frame is basically done. If you’re happy with your line, continue on with the rest of the bike. If you’ve made a mistake, then you’ll have to start all over again starting on the back of the handlebar from the bottom of the seat tube. I actually got a little bit confused about this one. My new seatpost is way too short. You can see where it should be from the top. The line that starts with the stem should go straight down to the bars and the seatpost:

If you think you drew the wrong line from the stem to the seatpost, then draw straight lines back from the stem to the seatpost for the frame. You’ll be able to see it easier on your final bike.

At this point my seat tube looked like this:

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