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The US is planning to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan as the war rages on, but critics say that’s nothing new in the war-torn country.

The US plans to send thousands more troops to Afghanistan as the war rages on, but critics say that’s nothing new in the war-torn country.

According to Al Jazeera, the US will send around 10,000 military personnel, or “training” troops, to the country for a year, for the same reason – to combat terrorism.

However, in 2010 President Obama decided to significantly increase troop levels, with a plan to send up to 9,800 troops. Since then, according to the US Department of Defense, over 17,500 have been deployed to Afghanistan.

Some critics of the US policy argue that it was never about fighting terrorism, but instead just a way to expand the scope of the nation to further intervene on the side of the Taliban.

“The reason that the US started in Afghanistan was when they couldn’t win in Iraq, but in Afghanistan they were sure that they’d be able to fight the Taliban,” Sotirio Moreno, a former US military advisor, told Al Jazeera.

According to Moreno, this reasoning came from the reality the US was facing in Iraq’s Sunni insurgency – where the US was losing in ground and air battles, until they took over.

“Then they had this experience when they got into the Afghan conflict,” he said, “and all of a sudden they realized that they can’t beat the local terrorist forces and they have to really do something against these terrorists.”

For the past decade, NATO troops have been providing security services in central Afghanistan, including police and army units. They also work closely with the Afghan National Security Forces, which currently make up 50% of Afghanistan’s security forces. Over the same time frame, the US has also begun training Afghan Special Forces and Special Operations forces.

According to a US Army training manual, US troops are allowed to carry out “hostile actions to non-combatants, including Afghan civilians,” without specifying what constitutes such acts.

But critics say the US is conducting such operations without being told beforehand, and that the use of US troops in Afghanistan is unconstitutional due to the use of American troops against Afghan civilians.

“It’s the US that is the aggressor, that’s the

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