How do you draw a giraffe? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Braids Hairstyles

It is extremely tricky, with several issues. Like with anything, a good drawing should be considered experimental. It’s always a good idea to keep your drawings “unprofessional” and to try them out to find out if your idea is something it needs.

The main problem with drawing a giraffe is… well, I haven’t actually decided just yet. I’m trying to decide whether to draw the legs as they are, or make the giraffe head as big as possible.

This is what I’m going to do now:

The legs are a bit too small, just like a giraffe. I need to adjust them a lot. I’ll let the final result speak for itself 🙂

Here is the final result for now (this is a work in progress)

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I’ll be making a couple of changes: Firstly, I’m going to put the head on the ground as well so that it gets in the way and gives little space for the legs to move around. Then I’ll be drawing the shoulders and upper arms. I think I have already made some basic ideas there.

I’m just a little bit sad that I can’t have some more of my illustrations of animals in progress in this drawing tutorial. I do find some things to draw that I haven’t worked on before. This is more of my personal preference.

I guess I’ll start sketching…

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