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“When he was a boy, I used to paint the Lamborghini for him. I was one of the few people that I used to sit down and paint the Lamborghinis myself.”

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His first Lamborghini, the Enzo, is still a collector’s piece in Las Vegas. The Italian brand has never gone out of style. For most of the 60’s, in fact, Lamborghini was owned by three men — Ferruccio Lamborghini, his eldest child; Gino Lamborghini, his eldest son; and the late Marco Lamborghini, Gino’s cousin.

Mr. Lamborghini was born in Milan and educated at the University of Milan’s School of Design. He was later sent to the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he received his doctorate.


After working at Pratt, he joined Ferrari, where he became a design engineer in 1975.

As chief designer of the Scuderia, he is credited with developing an innovative design system, which incorporated the principles of carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium into the body of Ferraris like V12 models.

The Enzo is one of the most iconic of the series. It took nearly 40 years of hard work and a fortune to build: more than $8 million in labor costs alone. In addition, it required an unprecedented amount of care to perfect an intricate and delicate craft.

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Mr. Lamborghini had to contend with a complicated legal battle against his former boss, Ferruccio Lamborghini. Under a controversial ruling, Mr. Lamborghini was told to pay $1.4 million in damages to Mr. Lamborghini’s estate after they agreed to sell the Enzo to Ferruccio Lamborghini Jr.

Despite this, Mr. Lamborghini continued to work on Enzo after his death in 1982. He kept the car under wraps

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