How do you draw a lion? – How To Draw Cars Step By Step Easy Cartoon Drawings

I like my lion to be the biggest, most fierce lion out there, and also the most majestic lion I can find.

If you had a painting of her, what would you do with it? She’s still in my head. How about a portrait? She’s just so big. I would do her in life size on canvas somewhere. Then it would be a great piece to hang in a museum of art, and if I ever had the money to do a show of it, I would give it away.

So I would go out and buy a painting of her, and then I would sit back and have a chat with her while she is still in my head? No.

Would you like it if she died? No way! The world would go mad before that happened.

You never want to know?

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What did it feel like when she woke up on the helicopter? I wish I knew that.

So how did you hear? Did it get on the radio?

How long did it take you to find them? About forty seconds.

I am so glad you said that. I had been thinking about that too.

I have so many questions.

But, um, that’s my question. How did they find them?

Did they tell you why they were on that helicopter?

I had been getting calls from people around Washington, DC, and New York in the last week, about a possible sighting.

What were these calls about?

They were very credible—this one guy who called on his cell phone that we were all in contact with. We went out, and he went to investigate, and within three minutes of walking under that helicopter, he was standing behind it.

And did he know that you were there?

He never said a word, and that was that.

So that was the first time you had ever seen him?

He never said anything, and that was that.

Did anyone else call after that?

No, this was the first time, but it was followed by a report from a man who actually claimed he heard a little girl singing to her mother on the radio. It was very convincing, because it was a clear tape coming out of a loudspeaker.

Was that boy the same person who had claimed he heard the singing?

That was the boy, no.

What happened when you told those parents

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