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It’s just like drawing a chicken.

I have to draw the same llama that everyone else draws. You know, the one that was just sitting there on the lawn because the other llamas could see it. In this case, the second is the llama that I’m drawing. But there he is. There’s no other llama. In order to depict his body, I’ll need to draw it, but, you know, my hands, and my face. It’s just like drawing a chicken.

Does drawing a llama feel like the way you think of yourself as a sculptor?

I always try. I think about the animal as I’m drawing it, the way I’m feeling about it. I’m not only thinking about making a sculpture. I’m also thinking about the animal as if I were the animal.

Do you ever get inspired when you’re drawing a llama?

When I’m drawing a llama, I always make a lot of comments about the animal. So it’s really kind of scary. Not really scary at all for me. I don’t really have any fear of drawing it. When I was still a little kid, I did. I did. The llama never scared me.

You’re doing this all on your own?

This is my first movie. This is in my own home, my own studio…

How much of this film do you have in mind?

You know, this is what I’m doing. I can’t do exactly what I want to do because I don’t have a script or anything. That’s why I have to be so creative. I’m going to need a certain amount of help. [Laughs.]

Are you thinking about something specific when you’re drawing a llama? When do you start to draw a llama?

I start with one idea that I could just start making from there. Usually I start with something different and then I slowly build in that thing. But that’s not the same as a script because I always have to decide what the character is going to say in that moment. I can only do my thing.

Have you drawn any animals before?

No, I haven’t drawn one that is this large. It would be boring to just draw and do it right away. It’s really important to me to give them the proper amount of time. So there are a bunch of llamas with different sizes. My

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