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You gotta have a cool name that people want to get in a picture. I got a list of 30-40 designs that I like. Then you get to know your character for sure. You know your character, and you know what you want from a character. You look at a lot of character names, like a lot of movies. And there will be a lot of other things that you watch and that get a bunch of comments along the lines of, “Oh, is that the coolest character ever?” So, you kind of get a feel for it. A lot of people, you know, they’re more creative than you when it comes to character names. I know what I want from the character. The thing was the character has to be identifiable.

So, I had them name their characters “The Boss.” “The Super-Tiger” is another. I think there’s a character that’s called “The Bear.” I’ve never had the name, but when we look at it in a dream or a mental state, it’s kind of a visual thing to look like an actual animal, so the character could be either human or tiger. So, it helps me be sure I’m going to like the character I’m creating, and when you start drawing it out, that sort of thing.

One of the last questions I asked the guys on the radio was about why they still didn’t get a license for “The Walking Dead” TV show.

Their answer? The only “real” licensed comic book comic for the show — “The Walking Dead” #18. But that’s not an event, it’s just a trade. A small trade. A trade that is completely out of print. I don’t even know how they ended up with the issue. The only clue is a sign on the door of the shop saying, “All comics purchased from these locations are considered ‘non-tradeable’.”

So I’m pretty much out of the market as far as getting a “Walking Dead” comic at a hobby store.

But “The Walking Dead” is not limited to just comic books. A friend of mine took me to Comic Con. I’ve gone to other hobby shows like Gen Con and World Fantasycon. And I think you know this. These shows are just for comics fans only. And when you’re in a show like this, if you want to buy a comic, the only way you can get it you have to have the proper identification. There

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