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I think you’re just not good enough.”

“Oh?” said a surprised voice in the back-seat. “Oh no?”

“Do you think I am?” asked a large, slightly-lidded looking woman who was standing next to the driver. “Because you don’t draw very well, and I can’t help but think you might be the sort who has trouble focusing.”

“Hmmm. The guy who drew it’s a big help, but-” She was interrupted by the door-scoffing of a few familiar voices in the back-seat, and the driver.

“Well?” The passenger said, the voice obviously being from someone not wearing a hoodie, but the passenger did think that they were quite young, and dressed casually.

“Well, I suppose you can’t expect me to draw a pony of your size as well as you can,” said the tall girl with hair that was almost a mess. That was all right, she knew her face better with that mask on, she wouldn’t have made a fool out of herself in front of the whole school.

“I thought you were taller than I thought,” said a voice somewhere off-screen, and the passenger sighed.

And that was the end of the story. There was no need to add all the unnecessary details, like the hooded girl’s name.

The last thing she’d need to worry about now was the possibility that she might actually get herself expelled after all.

Pouring her head into the side-view mirror to look to the back of the car, she caught a glimpse of another pony peering into the window. She looked up at the window, and, to her surprise, saw a small pony in a yellow shirt, a blue cap and a dark grey scarf.

“Ooh! Nice costume!” he said excitedly. “The colors are nice, and the hat just fits on me!”

“I’ve got a friend who loves them as well,” added the other pony, who had brown hair and a blue cap. It looked like a mare.

“Oh?” she asked, surprised that a small pony knew who she was talking about.

“She’ll be here in a few minutes,” said the little pony, her expression indicating she was about to speak.

She got in the car and made another trip to the bathroom, making sure to sit quietly behind it.

The student

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