How do you draw a Mustang? – Simple Cartoon Car Drawing

My dad taught me how to draw a car with a V-8. He’d always say, “I could make the car sound better, make the car look better.” So we’d both have to do it together, he would sit around the office, I’d sit around the house and make the images. But he’d be the one to show the final product. And what came out was kind of a V-8 Mustang with some big hoods.

When did it happen?

This was in 1988. In 1991 that’s when I started working in the business.

Can you talk about your childhood drawings of Mustangs?

I think I was the only kid in the neighborhood really that wanted to own a Mustangs. I was always trying to build that Mustang, trying to do anything that I could to make it look cool for my dad, for my brother. But one year he got married, and my dad didn’t like it. So one day he went out for a car trip, and he said, “Son if we can’t keep this car with the other cars, we’re going to drive it to my wife’s house.” He got back with his wife, and this is the day that my dad bought his own Mustang. I was pretty excited about that. Of course, all of a sudden I started seeing cars around and it wasn’t a Mustang. It was another brand. I mean he put the paint together, he went out and got the front end. He took the engine off and that’s when it changed. It was a real Mustang with a big hood, a big V-8 engine. I mean we all knew it was going to be a big car—especially for his wife.

Were you able to have some control, some say, with the brand you were helping create?

I mean it’s different now. You’ve got three different brands. I don’t think you have those in a car, I mean you’ve got a Porsche, a Mercedes, and of course Ford, to an extent, which isn’t a problem.

I know it can be problematic, especially in an industry like this.

Yes, but I’ve gotten over it. I mean every time I see an image of a car, I’m like, “Man, I want in this car,” because the more I see, the more I want in this car. I mean to me, it’s a car, not just a logo, you

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