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What I look for in a bodybuilder is strength in all his different areas. I look for arms and legs and chest and triceps to begin with, but I have a lot of men who will look like they’re doing all their work in the thighs and calves and abs and chest, but when the time comes you’ll see it happening in his legs and hips.

How does cardio affect training?

I do cardio before training. In a normal day I do six- to nine-mile runs, walk briskly and lift weights at least three times a week. Then I run some distance for a while. I do about 40kph every once in a while too – I’ve run it a few times for fun.

What does cardio do for weight loss?

This watercolor painting of an old Chevy truck titled ...
My body burns fat in two and one-half stages: first we burn sugar in the liver, then we get the fat out of your belly.

What are some of the things that you’ve been working on?

I don’t workout that much. I’ve been training very hard but I have to be mindful of those extra 100pounds to get me ready for some fights. It’s my job, my life.

It sounds like you need a very flexible body to compete in the UFC.

I’ve been saying that for five years now. Everyone looks at me funny. I’ve got a body that moves well so I don’t have any limitations.

What about your training? Are you doing the same exercises as well?

I lift weights three times a week; cardio, if I’m doing it at home, I do it seven times a week. I run every weekend. It’s a simple regime. I do pushups, situps and pullups, but I do them two times a week, once with weights and once with a towel.

When I do a session, I’ll do it like this: My legs will always go up, and my body will go down.

And you feel good about taking those extra reps?

I love it. I feel like a robot. Every time I do these reps, I feel like I’m doing nothing else at all in my day. My whole physique is just a massive amount of effort.

What’s your secret?

I’ve got plenty of friends and a coach, so I just go for it. I always remember to be as flexible as possible.

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