How do you draw a person? – How To Draw Cars With Solidworks Tutorial Sheet

I think in your art there’s something that’s really important which is actually to be able to look in a way, and to be able to say ‘Oh it’s not possible in another way.’ I always like to start from something which is not really necessary, but the important part is that it looks beautiful. You have to be able to find a way to put it in there.

On drawing a horse and horse in the same picture

There is this very famous drawing in a book called, “The Horse that Could Fly” by a French artist called Charles Eucouturier. I don’t know if you can actually find that book anymore, if that’s true. I did a piece in a different language, called, “A horse in a dream”. It’s something completely different. When I saw his “The Horse that Could Fly” I fell in love with it so badly. I couldn’t believe that I was drawing a horse that could fly. Then I was like, why couldn’t he let me draw a horse that fly? And he gave it to me and I never heard back from him before. And the whole experience turned me on.

Is it something you’d like to do? I have one more project which I like to do which is very different and I guess I’d be able to draw horses from the sky in a way. They don’t use as many colours, it’s kind of abstract, but it’s beautiful.

On creating your art from a memory

That’s actually been a project that I’ve been working on for a while. It’s very difficult to learn from memory, because you are not exactly certain about what happens in my brain, I have to have visual cues, so my subconscious goes in my head, and I say ‘Oh well, it must not have been that good then, but it really was good then, because it was really hot there in London. I remember it.’ And when I was young I didn’t know what that meant. I was like “Oh, it’s my memory.” It could just be a memory, but if I’d known I’ve still got that little chunk in my head. If you’re not sure, ask your mom, she must have told you. And so when you’ve been to a club or you went to the cinema for the first time you just have these little fragments on the tip of your tongue. And it’s a very emotional thing because you’re just getting the experience from that moment,

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