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Is a big ship in the middle a really good way to draw an overall image, or is it better for the audience to draw it like an elongated shape? For these examples, I drew it like an elongated shape because I was looking to focus in on a small ship with a lot of detail and detail being the thing that was important.

The third example here (I think, maybe you’re thinking that the shape on the bottom is also an elongated shape, but I just thought it looked neat, so I included it) is how you would draw something when you are drawing a straight line. This shows exactly what’s wrong with your drawing. It’s straight out. The viewer expects it to be straight out. That is, if the ship is straight out, it’s already defined. If the ship is a little bit curvy, but close to being straight out, then there is a little bit of confusion, and it’s easy for the viewers to get fooled. But in this case, because the shape is a little bit curvy, it’s kind of hard to draw and easy to miss, and so you don’t actually do a very good job of drawing and you don’t take the time to get it pretty but accurate, and it still isn’t straight out.

In the last line, is that an eye? [The “eye” on the back.] I am using a different color because I am trying to draw a kind of abstract, abstract drawing to tell an abstract story, and the eyes are too small to draw them, so they have been scaled. But in drawing them with this black and white, I thought I could do some kind of a different effect with the eyes than the black eye. The eyes are not really eye characters — I don’t mean that in a bad way. You can draw a huge eyeball that would look good. But you have to do it in a way that is interesting and draws attention with the eyes to show all this color and detail. But again, I am trying to work in that abstract style, and this isn’t it.

When the government first opened a public information office in Hong Kong a couple of years ago, it found itself bogged down in a massive backlog of requests.

According to the information law department, about 3,100 requests were submitted last year. In 2012, the same year the office was launched, only 200 were given.

The problem has not abated; in late April, the department reported 1

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