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There are two key types of tanks, infantry and mechanised.

The infantry tank is the most common form, although mechanised vehicles have been made and have seen service with the Royal Tank Regiment and other forces. There are tanks with armoured plating on top, such as the Shermans of the Royal Tank Regiment, which has been painted with blue paint, to give it the appearance of metallic grey.

The mechanised tank was the most basic and was made of steel and wooden hulls built to look like tanks to confuse potential infantry targets.

Most famous of these are the Bradley Fighting Vehicles from 3rd Armoured Division (which was disbanded in 2011), the British Sherman tank, which was used by the 3rd Armoured Division for the first time in Korea.

How do you drive a tank?

The key to tank driving is that you can change direction within milliseconds, and you’re not forced to hit the brakes. If you do hit brakes, you simply shift gears, meaning the tank can move out of its line of fire.

The tank must also be able to stop instantly, and if it’s moving too fast you can run off the pavement. If you’re running fast, this can cause you trouble because it’s hard to brake if you’re going so fast.

When you’re moving at full speed, the turret rotates so it’s facing you, so the tank can be rotated to allow you to change directions. If you don’t want that, you have to roll over your steering wheel.

How do you fire an enemy tank?

There are a few methods for firing an enemy tank, which are listed in order of how the enemy is to be killed rather than by how you shoot the tank.

Blocking Range – Most tanks with an autoloader can fire at the same distance, although the range varies; the Bradley is able to fire at 3200m, the Abrams at 5000m, and the M113 Gavin has to be able to fire at about 12,500m.

Sniper Ranges – The best places to hit a tank are to engage it at a very short range using an anti-tank guided missile, a tank-killing rocket launcher (TKL) or an artillery shell; this also puts the tank to sleep, rendering it useless as a weapon.

Tank Destroys – If an enemy tank is too close to a bunker or other safe position, it’s killed by an

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