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You’ve got to be creative,” he says. “The more you are like, ‘Uh … how do we make that look? How can we keep it organic?’ … It took about four or five episodes to get everything just right.”

And so far, they’ve nailed the trucking genre that they’re hoping to attract viewers — and a potential market of buyers. “We’ve really hit at what the average viewer wants — it’s not going to be for just truck lovers. It’s a lot for other people who may not be into it just yet.”

One question they’ve already been asked: Why do they think they’ve turned out to be such a hit?

“The key has been to keep that really weird, weird energy alive in the show as much as possible. That’s the key, right? And I think we’ve done an admirable job of that. We’ve been able to keep all that at the forefront. As long as people can feel like that thing is happening in the television world, then that’s really the one thing that can keep it going without losing the show altogether.”

And when we recently visited with them, their workmanship looked very, very good. In fact, the entire production was “like a Hollywood show come to life,” says Wray, who added, “We’ve done a pretty good job. We’re lucky.” The show was created at a time when everything from television set designs to sets was more intricate than ever, as evidenced by an interview with John C. Reilly where he compared himself to the late, great, Robert Altman.

“All of the sets … the ones we’ve done are like a movie and that’s why you see it look so good, man,” says Wray. “Every set is designed so that every piece has every bit of character that he had in his film career.”

Wray and Miller, in a still from “The Last Ship,” which also debuted this week on Fox. Image: FOX.
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And in the case of the show, it was actually Miller who was most in the mood to get the crazy out. “That was great,” says Miller. “John is the only person who’s able to say it that way — he’s always looking for a new way of doing it. I’m going for something different. The show’s not a commercial product. It’s really about bringing a show to life. … It’s a show that’s not going to sell itself.”

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