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Well, that’s an easy answer. You draw an old truck on an old sheet of paper. This is the “old truck” that the “old person” was driving last September. It’s no problem at all. I just drew it on a piece of paper.

Cars_drawings_29 - Draw to Drive
It’s easy. In fact, it’s a lot of fun. We draw it every day. We draw it on my old paper. It’s a joy.

A young lady said the other day, “What do you think about drawing a person running the country? We are running the country now.” It was very funny for everybody. But there was a slight difficulty.

As old folks we try to keep a little control over our minds. We have an excellent mental training program. We know what we like to do because it’s what we do. We know what we don’t like to do and what we don’t like to do we keep from doing. These were things that I’ve kept from doing. A mental training program is very useful when you’re drawing on an old sheet of paper. The drawing process is so much easier.

But the biggest challenge in that process is the process of drawing. Drawing on an old paper is just too hard. I don’t think this is like the old times. There are no such things as rules. It’s just a process. But you have to learn to draw well. You have to draw well both from the inside and outside in. If you get it all wrong, you are still drawing.

I’m always very careful to say that I am not a professional and I’m not a professional artist. The people calling themselves artists are not good enough for that. I’m good enough for myself. That’s what I’m trying to say.

I like drawing and I like doing it. I believe in doing it. I don’t like sitting around waiting for people to do it for me. I’m a free man.

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