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You can use the traditional methods or you can go down a new way that I call the DPI method. The DPI method draws the line of dots. We can do this with either the standard line of points or we can use the DPI method to draw a dot or a circle out from an edge of the drawing.

To use the standard method, we say we want to draw a line of points. We call the center of that line the origin point, the center of the circle the x-position of the point in the circle. Now we draw each successive point and draw a line from the location where it starts. That is the standard method. But if you draw a dot, it will use the line of dots method. The dot can be curved or it can be straight and it will draw like this.

Figure 4-12. To draw a dot from a center of lines

The line of dots method gives us the same line of points. But now, if you apply it to curves, things will look different. And that’s because we have the dot as the center and a line of points connecting to the center of the dot in the center. Now we say that the dots should draw as curves just like a point would.

To draw curves, we start by going through each dot and find the shortest one. Then we draw a curve like shown in Figure 4-12. There might be something going on around the edge of the curve that won’t be evident in this picture. We may find that it will be better to draw a thin line or a big line. If it is clear you are going to continue with this method, I have illustrated it for you so you can see how the dots will be drawn without the curves.

Figure 4-13. To draw a curve around a straight edge

The dotted lines are different from the dotted lines method, shown in Figure 4-13. The dotted lines method gives us curves. But the dotted lines method takes the dot’s center, the x-position of the dot in the circle, and makes one line straight and you have another line of curves. If you try it, you will be surprised what you find. You can really get it to look just like a circle.

Figure 4-14. To draw circles

The figure shows two versions of a circle; the circle with an x-position at the center and a circle with an y-position.

Figure 4-14. Circle

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