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It’s like a paintbrush. You have to take it with you. The shape is already there. You’ve gone through a lot of practice – just using your sense of how it gets bigger. You can still make it more defined, but you don’t have to worry about the way your fingers look if your lips have become bigger. It’s something you’ve been doing forever and a day. The only way to create a perfect lip is to try it. If someone’s not going to let you, it’s not a big deal.”
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If the technique looks complicated to you, it is – but it’s not. You can make a lipstick that looks the same on any person, even if your lips can’t be seen. When looking at people without their lips, you see an actual photograph of their lips, not just a portrait. This means that an artist can use the picture as a guide in developing a portrait. It also means that the artist can develop a portrait with as long as they want it – as long as it doesn’t cost them.

“There are people who say, ‘No, I’m going to die. The first thing I’m going to do is be a doctor.’ It’s true. But, of course, if it’s not for medicine you’d rather be an artist. Because you’re looking out the window and you do the work as a way of expressing yourself. It doesn’t matter who you are. Just be a good picture.”

Marilyn, a Russian artist I met at the Art Club last year, has a different outlook on life.

“Life is pretty miserable. We’ve all been there and done that over the years,” she told me.

“We want more. Life is not like a movie movie, where it happens all the time. We’re trying to understand some very real and beautiful ideas. We’re not watching a movie and saying, ‘This is how life is.’ Life can be quite boring. We’re not trying to make a bad movie. The movie we are trying to make is a movie that people can really go into and share, but also have discussions about. We need to know what the next steps are for our planet. What kind of a human society we want to live in.”

But Marilyn also thinks that the process shouldn’t be restricted to just people with a degree in art or science. “We have to stop thinking we are alone among all the creatures.”

And she adds, “Let

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