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– You can draw lips a couple different ways. One way is to use a pen and ink combination to make what I call a “cross-hatching.” The drawing is supposed to be made using the pencil and ink combination that was applied during the previous drawing. The problem is, I don’t like my results as a cross-hatching. I prefer to draw my lines and then use the computer to do the shading. There aren’t too many good programs that I know of for drawing, but one of the few that comes close, is called Lasso. Another program is called “Rework” which I really like. Here is a demonstration of the drawing process. This is from an old movie. You can try not to stare at it too long. If you do it too long, you will start to lose interest in drawing.

Figure 13 – Drawing a cross-hatching “T.”

– How long does it take to make a cross-hatching face?

– It can take as little as 5 minutes or as much as 24 hours to make a cross-hatching face. I’ll tell you how I do it: First I draw the cross-hatching lines. Then I draw the shapes and I do my work. I have a sketchbook on my desk and I will show you a few examples. I do the whole thing using “T” as a guide. If the first one you do is not perfect, it is because the computer, and not my drawing skills, were what made that one imperfect. Sometimes the computer will make a mistake as well. The “T” you use is fine. You will be able to find out more information about what you are doing at “The Tonic” about the way I go about drawing cross-hairs in the future.

Figure 14 – Drawing cross-hatching “T.”

Figure 15 – Drawing cross-hatching “T.”

Figure 16 – Drawing cross-hatching “T.”

Figure 17 – Drawing cross-hatching “T.”

Now, let’s talk about drawing lips. First you’ll draw what I call the “v’s”: what are “V’s?” You won’t need to know the exact name of the letters you are drawing. The letters will show how your lips move and are what makes them look like wrinkles and mouth shapes. To draw these v’s you will go to the “V-N-T” or “V-n-

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