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As someone who is in the tattoo/mohawk world, I understand that a lot of it is done to make your lips “pop,” which I agree on. It’s hard to do this, because the lips are very close to your mouth so you lose a lot of the lip lines that are there from your nose to the mouth. I don’t draw realistic lips as a whole, but I do draw some realistic close-up/close-off-camera lipstick look. I’m going through a few different approaches currently, mostly with lipstick. I’m not necessarily going for lip and eye lines at the same time, but instead with subtle eye placement. I’ve been reading up on the science behind different types of lip color and I’ve finally found my niche. My favorite so far is a bright orange/light purple that I did on a black woman named Nicole by Vanna.

For my next set, I’ll likely be doing a more natural-looking look with eyes closed and the lips almost as close to my cheeks, so the lip colors and the color palette I’ll be using will be more in line with my makeup than I have in the past. The color on the lips are more for the eyes – I’ve always liked the way pinky-pink looks so I think I’ll continue to stick with that.

Any chance of getting out of NYC at the end of next month?
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I would love to work in NYC in September! I just needed a bit more time, but I’m so excited! I really want to go to NYC in September. There’s a lot to see and do and it will be great to get down there again. I have a feeling we’ll have to wait until my return when we do this show to get a full feel of what it’s like in NYC. I’m glad I can share what it’s like and what I’ve seen/taken in NY with this show.

“We need the best team to win,” the director added of the film’s cast of celebrities.

Hollywood heavy hitter Tom Hanks has joined the crew of the sci-fi drama “Gravity,” The Wrap can exclusively confirm.

The film will be directed by James Cameron, “Gravity” screenwriter Gale Anne Hurd and “Battlestar Galactica” screenwriter/producer Dean Devlin and hits theaters Aug. 8.

The project was picked up straight from Cameron and Hurd, who are producing alongside

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