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Well, you don’t have to draw them from scratch. Let’s look at two popular body shape templates: the “lip shape” and the “eye shape.”

First, what’s the difference between the two?

In this tutorial you are going to learn:

the history of a lip shape’s popularity, the pros and cons of each, which facial features are most commonly associated with each lip shape, how to incorporate them into your own images and make your own variations, and how to create and manipulate your own lip line. You’ll learn: The origins of lip shapes

how to draw realistic lips

how to integrate a lip line into your photo
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how to turn a lip line into a shape

how to change the angle of a lip line

the “eye shape”

The “eye shape” is actually a combination of two facial characteristics. One of them is the shape of our eyes. What’s special about this is that if your eye shape is very wide and circular, then the “eye shape” is a “square.”

The second unique characteristic of the “eye shape” is that it is made up of several parts. The eyelids, the outermost part of the eye, are made up of two parts called the “nose” and the “mouth.”

These components of the eye shape are commonly considered to be the eye shape’s two highest points.

An eye shape is just a combination of the two parts of the nose, which make up the “nose part” – which can be anything. An eyeball – a human being with eyes – is just a lump of tissue made up of several different elements.

So how do we pull this eye shape from a photo?

Let’s start with an example. Take a look at this photo of an adult female model and her face:

If I were to draw a “lip template” using that photo, here is what I would end up with:

Notice that there are three parts to the “lip line”: the nostril, the corners of the eye, and the nostril’s bottom part.

Now that you have these three pieces, your job is simply to use them to make one lip shape. Here are four basic steps you can take to help you do that:

Start by drawing your mouth in the first, middle, and outermost part of the photo. Using the nostril as a guide, draw your mouth

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