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This is a tricky one to answer due to the wide variety of different ideas. I try not to take myself too seriously as I’m just trying to give my characters their own personalities so you will get a more varied, interesting, and even more fun character with a character that you love as you draw them.

I try to keep this short and sweet because the main issue with drawing is not to draw too much. Not to have characters that jump out at you, or characters that you know that will make you say “OMG my god!” or characters who aren’t fully defined yet, but characters that are interesting, unique, and fun that you find yourself enjoying drawing.

I look to a few sources around me for a character to draw:


If there’s a character you think fits well and you want to see other people’s interpretations, try it out! Most people draw what they know, but when someone else draws your characters, it should fit them well to some degree, and sometimes it does. Sometimes a lot of people draw you a character and there isn’t really much to pick from that is interesting or different about the character; I am not one of these guys.

Here are a few of the other places I like to look for different take on characters:







My other characters

What are your favorite characters in The Guild 2, what do you like about them?

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