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What are the best and worst ways to be a pig enthusiast? What do you want to draw?

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To answer these, and many other questions, please take a look at these great, free, interactive pig posters!

A Texas sheriff’s deputy was taken to the hospital after being shot by a suspect who broke into a house in a subdivision Saturday in Beaumont, according to authorities.

The suspect, who was in his 20s, stole a truck from the house and fled on foot on Woodhaven Road while the patrol officer was inside for a routine drug test, Beaumont Fire and Police Chief Randy Sowers said.

Shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday, a deputy called to the house in the 1300 block of Roods Glen Road, Sowers said. He saw a man crouching behind a truck in the front yard with what appeared to be a gun.

“The suspect was lying on the ground. He was on the ground, and we’re talking about 20 feet in from me with the flashlight in his face. And the officer ran past him,” Sowers said.

“He ran right to me, and I did what I could to control the situation to save him,” Sowers said.

The deputy, whose name and age weren’t immediately made public, started talking and eventually turned to shoot the suspect. He fired his weapon twice at the man but missed, Sowers said.

“He pulled a gun out of his waistband — and I’ve fired my weapon — and I knew the impact it would have on him. That caused me to stop doing what I was doing at that time,” Sowers said.

The deputy suffered minor injury as a result of the shooting.

No deputies were injured.

Authorities are conducting a criminal investigation into the shooting and have not identified the suspect, Sowers said.

If you’ve ever been to a football game, you’ve at least heard somebody talk about the “Dogs of War.”

It’s a phrase that’s been bandied about by fans since their return to Super Bowl XLV, and it’s even given new life after their two losses this season to the Seattle Seahawks, who will be on a short bus heading toward Dallas this weekend.

I didn’t know it existed, but the term came out of the “Dog of War” joke that a Dallas Cowboys fan gave me in a Facebook conversation during our Cowboys game, when I asked him if he really

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