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My friend and I both liked drawing as a kid, so we started with the basics. My friend and I loved drawing in school, so we began drawing our first character. Our first sketch was a simple little girl with a little bow and bangs on her head. After that, we started sketching little people, animals and animals that looked like people.

After a while, the idea of art and drawing evolved into a little game that we played. One day I had a feeling and was going to make a game with it and the next day I started drawing and it just grew on me. I started to develop a style for the game, one that was going to change from game to game. I got a little tired of the way my early characters were, so I started to sketch more and more characters. Then one day I was making a character and I wasn’t sure if this was the perfect version of the character, so after I got a feel for his look, I gave him a name and he became Toggl. I thought about adding more personality to him with the name and the clothes, so I made a few changes to other parts of the character. Then, I was going over some drawings again and noticed something that I really like. I saw the character, and the character was in a world different from those already created for the game, such as this place and people.

That’s when I decided to give him some unique characteristics. Toggl’s appearance really took on a new look. He had a lot of different kinds of fur, but he also looked very different from that of the other characters. After that, I drew him more, and by mid-2011 I got pretty much all of him done. For the game, I felt that all the characters in the game would stand out a little, but I didn’t want them to be that distinct. I knew I had to make my character look somewhat similar to the other ones, and that just led to lots of Toggls.

Cartoon Car Doc Hudson Coloring Page (no instructions ...
When I got the game, I noticed all the characters I made were pretty similar and I also had people who didn’t do much for the game. It felt right to throw a little bit of Toggl into the game as well. It’s a lot of fun, and I really appreciate the feedback from the other people who love Toggl.

So yeah, this is my tribute to the guy who started all of this. Thanks for the memory for everyone that’s

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