How do I get film clients? – Best Cameras For Filmmaking 2016 Election

If you have a portfolio that stands out, then you’re in a prime position to land film production work when you start getting work. The biggest key is to know your market, which is not necessarily based just on the location; it’s about the whole industry you work in. Once you start getting a little […]

How can I learn filmmaking? – Studiobinder Blocking

Learning filmmaking is not like learning a new program. Most people can learn to draw the first time they see a color. To learn to draw, you need to know how to draw it on a piece of paper. It needs to be a thing you can do. It needs to happen frequently. If you […]

Is filmmaking a good career? – Filmmaking Schools In Louisiana

It helps people to know that in the film community, people aren’t paid to make bad films. We’re doing it because we love it. It’s been fun for us to get to do more and see what’s out there. We’re so grateful that it’s going to inspire people in other industries to do the same. […]

What does a filmmaker? – Iphone Tips App

At its heart, a filmmaker is, first and foremost, a human being who puts the best possible version of himself or herself into a work of art. And it turns out, there are some incredible people who have turned into some of the most prolific visual storytellers out there, like Quentin Tarantino, who put his […]

How do I become a successful filmmaker? – Film Production Company Jobs Los Angeles

It is important to understand that the only way to really move forward in our industry is to follow the path of your dream. There are many things one can do to develop her or his filmmaking career: networking with other filmmakers, writing, acting, directing, and producing, attending film festivals, speaking on film, writing screenplays, […]