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In short short: No. I think it’s just the fact that if you do a well planned and very disciplined script then an actress can, in fact, get out a much better picture. But if you go with some improvisation and a director makes it up as they go along, it may work for a while, then the actress comes and says, “That was so bad, let’s change it.” It’s very possible for a director to make it worse over the years, but in every case I have seen, the director is more important than the actress.

What is your opinion of the whole “male gaze.”

If there is anyone in the world who deserves to be called a “male gaze,” it is myself (and, apparently, a lot of other males), but that does not mean that everyone has to agree with me. I know more about the phenomenon than I do the majority and I know it is a problem.

And I can’t help but wonder if more women want to make films in which they are not the focus of it all. We want to feel like the best actress and the best director. That is a huge part of it for me because I like being in a situation where I feel loved and valued. I want to work in a world where I feel secure and I’m making movies like I want to.

One of my favorite parts about doing this job is getting to visit the set. I’m so close to the actors, I feel like I really know them. We’ve done a lot of filming at the same location and we all look over at each other at some point. I am so very interested to see what they’d do in a given situation and how they’d react under pressure. You see what they are thinking and what emotions they have going through and all that, and it’s incredible to find out what makes actors tick. And when you work with certain people over a long period of time and you know what you know then you can be so much more confident in your own work as an actress. It’s really exciting and I love it.

In recent times, there seems to be this assumption—that you and other women directors are somehow lacking, or that it somehow happens in other ways than you are able to create, or that you just don’t get it. Is there a message you wish you could convey to people?

There’s no wrong or right way we should think about that particular issue, but the fact is

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