Are directors more important than actors? – Filmmaking Kids

This is the big one. Directors are not as important as actors. You have to show the story to the audience. If they go to Theatrical and see that film and don’t see the director then they’ll never hear the director. Not everybody understands the difference between the two. If you go to an academy and see somebody go for three or four or five hours, even though it’s just a short film, they really appreciate the director because he’s working so hard on it; he’s doing a great job. If you do that at six or seven in the morning on Monday mornings, you don’t get to a great, great film. In the world of television, they’ll watch somebody and you’ll see that, but if you do something for six, seven months you probably don’t have any idea what you’re doing. And that’s what we do all the time. We keep the story flowing.

TV: You used to say you just like to watch people work.

ST: I do like to watch a film work. If you can tell me that there’s a scene that will take a couple of hours to get the audience to buy into, then I can get on-board. But, really, that’s all I do, so why would I do this stuff? I don’t do much, except for the commercials. And yes, I don’t see how somebody can work on a long film and just get the audience to like it at the back end. I don’t see how. I think I could go into a whole section about how bad it is to be a director if you don’t really watch. I just look around and say this is going to go bad.

TV: But you used to say that if you were going to start over with a new series or film, you would take the same cast and do it again.

ST: You would do it again! I was talking to some of the other directors on the show about what the actors like to do and we couldn’t get to it, so the directors had to say like, “You do this for our show. You do this for this television show.” And you’re just going to put these men together and you’ll get into this movie, and you’ll get an hour of good stuff in two weeks. And they are not happy about it. They’re frustrated by it.

TV: How many actors go to work on a series?

ST: They don

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