Can a director also be a producer? – New York Film Academy Documentary Filmmaking Online

No, not at this point, but when you’re talking about an executive producer, this is more like it. You have to work with the studio to put together the story.

Why did you create The Muppets for Broadway? Or who’s the person who first put this dream into motion?

It was the love of the franchise, so I thought it couldn’t be a franchise and not be a Broadway show. Then, when Muppets started doing the Broadway runs, [Michael] Eisner said, ‘Okay, go for it, I gotta buy it now.’ At that point, it went from that to, ‘Okay, what if that happens? I gotta get on board.’

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You’ve worked on The Big Bang Theory. What do you think is most funny and why?

They ask you a very specific question, that’s it, and you just answer the question. I don’t think I’ve ever had a good joke that I said to somebody in a room and they knew what it was about in the moment. It’s just a good feeling getting to be in front of people and answering their questions.

The Last Ship is directed by Scott Rosenberg & The Muppets play Broadway in New York, April 18-24; The Muppet Show premieres May 5 on NBC at 8/7c on FOX.

Check out an interview with the cast below:

What did you look forward to during the shoot?

It just came down to the physicality of the shooting. They were in this warehouse and there were some really physical challenges — being on such an incredibly huge scale and it made it very hard to shoot the scene in the movie. It’s just very hard to shoot when somebody is walking and singing a song at the end of the day. It’s so funny, we got to show that off and it’s just an easy way to get down. There are a lot of great moments in this movie.

Did anyone want to come onto your sets for the musical episode, especially at the beginning of it? What were your thoughts on that?

I think the producers, especially Jim Henson and Jim Mallon, were great and said, ‘Let’s send that to JK, let’s be cool with that.’ We didn’t know exactly when we would get this episode and then they’d start calling us in and saying, ‘Are you guys interested?’ Once the crew knew and they heard how awesome this was,

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