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What are the next steps for aspiring producers?

Do you have a creative side and do you want to expand your horizons beyond the films industry? Do you have a passion for writing and have a clear vision for your own work? These are important factors that have to be taken into account when deciding the next project.
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Also, keep in mind this process takes a lot of time. So start considering all these features right away.

A British couple whose home is being used by Islamist terrorists is in ‘extremely uncomfortable’ conditions in Paris and have been told they can go home only if they sign a document saying they will ‘fight for Islam’ in a series of increasingly extreme demands.

The French-born couple are thought to have been in France since late last year and are thought to be living in a house in one of Paris’ suburbs.

The British man, who is in his 40s and from the north of England, has had the security services notified he was travelling to join Islamic State in Syria, while his wife, who is French, is thought to be at the same location.

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French police investigate a car believed to be used in the deadly attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices this morning in Paris, France. Police in Paris are hunting down a car believed to be linked to the attacks

He has an address in Britain, but had been living in Paris – where he has family and worked – for nearly three years, according to French media.

It is unknown where the couple are on holiday, but it is believed that both were to be involved with jihadists in Syria, sources said.

Mr and Mrs Zaur Maqsood in their home in the suburbs of Paris, on the outskirts of the capital’s 17th arrondissement. It is believed they have two children aged six and 10

After the French authorities notified the couple about their arrival in France they were asked to sign over a document at their local police station.

This is believed to be the form which allows the couple to leave if they choose to do so, and give their home and passports as well.

The couple is thought to have been living in a house in one of Paris’ suburbs, but are being watched by police as investigators investigate the attacks in Paris yesterday.

French newspaper Le Monde said police were examining CCTV footage on the grounds it could contain further evidence of the couple’s plans to leave – and it is likely they

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