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A film producer without a degree sounds like a recipe for disaster.

“You just have to get used to it,” said John F. Kennedy, an associate producer of the television sitcom “Criminal Minds,” who has spent 35 years as a producer on television. “It’s like trying to navigate without a map.”

BANGKOK (RAN) — A group of Thai women who were allegedly subjected to sexual and physical attacks on a holiday in Cambodia by a Muslim immigrant were finally found guilty of gang-rapes on Thursday, the Associated Press reports.

“This is the end of this nightmare. The men who raped us were sentenced to 20 years,” said the survivor, one of the 11 women to be found guilty. She was asked why she took the stand against a suspect who’s been imprisoned for raping multiple women.

In a lengthy court proceeding Thursday, the nine gang-rapes were detailed and many of the women cried while recounting how, on Dec. 10, 2015, a man identified only as J.R. assaulted them in three different hotels where they were staying. The perpetrators, all from Muslim communities, are accused of raping 12-year-old girls at the Royal Thai Air Force base, a military base in Chumphon, a town in the southeastern part of the country.

“I was the first victim, my sister was next,” another survivor said. All of the women are from Muslim communities in the countryside.

The prosecutor noted that in addition to their names and ages, the women testified against men who were in jail at the time of the attacks.

“There were eight or nine women in the courtroom and they were wearing prison clothes while wearing full prison garb,” Sompong Prachun, the deputy head of the criminal investigations department, told The Associated Press.

Police officers escorted the women into a police station, where they were handcuffed and taken for questioning.

Authorities described the suspects as being from Muslim countries, primarily the Philippines and Thailand. Police said all suspects were in their 20s but some were also in their 40s. Police also believe that some were involved in sex offenses.

No other details on the suspects were given.

Several of the women are still struggling with sexual abuse and psychological trauma from some of their assaults.

Thailand, with 1.7 million Muslims, has a Muslim majority, making a significant number of immigrants from the Philippines and Indonesia. But the Muslim populations are not

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