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It might sound good, but it doesn’t matter.

What’s next?

If you’re working as a film producer in London you’ve got four months to go before you start getting a job. So you’re thinking: What do I do now?

You’ll be working with your friends for a few months, but then you have to start filling out applications.

If you’re already a professional producer with a degree, you’ll be offered opportunities for additional skills. If you’re unemployed, you’ll need to get involved with a training scheme.

One of the best training courses in the world is Film Stipend for directors, with more than 120,000 films funded under its £50,000 scheme.

This is a way for you to improve your skills without having to apply for a job. You’ll get a £13,250 fee waiver and £6,000 for the first six months of your participation. After that, it pays £5,000 per stage you’re involved with. You won’t need to pay for the course until you’ve secured an employment or training contract.

Get yourself registered and started using FilmStipend on our job search website. If you don’t have much money, start by creating a profile and working out a deposit. Be prepared to repay the entire sum when your time is up.

Alternatively, you can attend Film Academy for a week with an experienced film producer or an experienced production company.

Find out more about Film Stipend. Apply for it

If you’ve already started training, you might be able to apply for job opportunities as a director with Film Stipend, with your own training programme or as a production manager.

If you’ve got a degree from a top film school, you can apply if you’ve got industry experience such as being an editor, director, cinematographer, sound designer, and on-set production assistant to apply.

If you’re unemployed, there’s the Film & Media Development Scheme, where unemployed actors with a bachelor degree can complete their course.

If you already got a degree, you may think there is no need to apply for any further courses, but not everyone is as diligent as you are about reading your course materials. If, for example, you got good grades in your film studies or have a keen interest in film history, you may find there is a great interest among students of films and other subject areas.

Try to apply

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