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Will your friends and parents say: “This is stupid you’re not going to get a job? No more school?”

No. You need to learn how to tell a joke in a way that isn’t racist, sexist, and homophobic. The best way is to be a comedian. When I was starting out, no one wanted me to come out at a comedy club.

So are you going to study for your degree on your own?

Well, actually, some people do. The most famous one right now: Paul McCartney. He came out and said he was gay, which he did on purpose.

Why do you think there is some backlash to this move to being a film producer and not a journalist?

I don’t understand it. The more I talk about this, the more I think it’s very funny, that you get a response like this, and I don’t understand why. You cannot call yourself a human being unless you embrace people not being human.

And if you are a gay, then you can’t be a human being?

No, you cannot be a human being unless you have a penis. There is no distinction.

Is he a good artist? Are you impressed with his work?

Yes. I found some of his music to be really beautiful, but if you’re going to call him a human being, you are not a human being if you don’t have a penis. And if he made a song that was too beautiful, or some of his music was too beautiful, and you had people like [gay activist Tony] Perkins come out, then you have to be able to have a conversation with them. It’s not one line in a speech that you can go home to your wife and make fun of and say: “I hate her. I don’t like her. She’s so beautiful and I’m disgusted by it. I hate her.”

He is also in charge.

His voice is really important to the movement.

Are you surprised by how many people still take offence?

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I feel really lucky because I’m talking about human being and what we do as a society. What’s wrong with someone in their 40s who is a feminist? They might be in the minority but if I was having an argument with someone who is a woman in his 40s who is a feminist, he or she would take it much more seriously than I would take it. So

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