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I think it depends on the situation. In some ways, I like being working at home. It’s very freeing. It’s not even about money; it’s about freedom.

For some people in the industry, it’s a problem. You’re still paid by your film. But for the rest of us, it’s a nice lifestyle because of some things that we’re doing that help us, whether it’s working on a project full time. But it is hard for them to find jobs in film because it’s not an entry-level job. It can’t be a career.

Do you have any tips or advice for other people with jobs outside of the filmmaking?

The hardest part (for me) being out of it is having to go find a new career. I used to love acting because I love to be with people when I’m acting. But you just have to stay out of it and just do your own thing. If you just keep trying to get into this, that’s what you’re really missing out on when you’re working at home.

What’s your favorite video to work on?

I really like working on videos. I don’t really do many of them, but when I do, it’s a good time. They’re fun. They’re fun to play and all the fun stuff.

Favorite film?

For me, it’s always been (The) Big Lebowski. I got my first job. I was going to be in an independent film. As I got this job at Universal, I would stay up all night watching Lebowski. That was always my favorite. But it’s my favorite film from when I was a kid.

Any advice for people going through struggles or obstacles?

You go forward even if you’re discouraged or sad. It’s not a failure if you’re not happy, at least for a while.
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You also say that you don’t think you’ll ever go back to school because of financial problems. Can you elaborate on that a little more?

Well, I know a great professor at the University of Arizona who can help with my problem. (Laughs) I know there are a lot of colleges, but Arizona is just the best place to go back right now. I think that’s because the people are always welcoming. I feel like most people, when you tell them your dream, they’re always supportive. If you’re trying to tell them your goal, they

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