Can you work in film without a degree? – Independent Film Grants

I’ve worked in film and television for over 20 years. I graduated with a degree in English literature. I do not have a degree beyond that because I’m the only African-American woman in film at the moment.

You’ve never worked in the field of writing poetry. Would you like to?

I’m a writer first, a writer second. I believe that you can do both. But you have to be able to work your magic.

And you think it’s possible?

I think so. I’ve actually done a few poems in my spare time. I’ll share my own story here. I’m not an artist. I’m a singer (that’s the word I always use) because I always sing. But poetry is something that helps me in different ways than painting is or writing is. I feel I’ve always been able to apply my writing talents, no matter what they were, to both the creative and the artistic areas. I just had a great experience. But I have never, ever had any intention to start writing poetry now.

Do you have a personal rule that tells you not to do something?

I have a personal rule called, “The first rule is the most important and I’ll stick to it.” And the second one is if it doesn’t work out I’ll let it go. Because you never know, right? Sometimes I’ll try something I really like or find a new way I can do it on my own. I’ll just try something completely out of my normal mode and see how it goes. Otherwise, I’m just writing in a journal. I don’t believe in a thing called “writing to the point.” It’s better to be true to where your heart takes you and the story you want to tell.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

This week we are reviewing the new X-Men film “The New Mutants”. There’s not a lot in the review you can say that hasn’t already been said about the film. It has a lot of great effects, looks great in a limited run, and is fun. There is plenty to like, and enough to keep you watching through the 2 part two hour movie. I’ll be honest, I was a little disappointed by the film when I saw it at the end. I really felt that the movie had potential for a good story, and had it been set on a more conventional scale, I could have done without the 2 hour runtime,

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